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High-quality energy products

Welcome to our website for regular customers, dealers and those interested in finding out more about Ampli5 products!

Energiearmband Schwarz

The energy bracelet for a better quality of life

Higher range of motion, better stamina and more energy are just a few of the effects that our customers have reported. Our energy products live up to their promise which is why Ampli5 offers a lifetime warranty for the incredible impact of BCI technology!

Ampli5 energy products are bracelets and pendants equipped with the latest frequency technology. They are becoming increasingly popular among athletes and other persons who are active in their free time. We have received amazing testimonials from people who suffer from a variety of physical ailments, encouraging us in our daily work. See for yourself why our customers are so thrilled!

Our products are not suitable for diagnosing, identifying, or preventing illnesses!

Our Products

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„Doubt is the beginning of science. Those who don’t doubt, will never put anything to the test. Those who never put anything to the test, will never discover anything. Those who never discover anything, are blind and will remain blind.“

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), French Jesuit, theologian, philosopher, anthropologist, geologist, and paleontologist

Mehr Energie im Alltag mit Ampli5 Energieprodukten

More energy in everyday life

Regular fatigue and headaches are increasingly common in people in industrialized countries and can quickly become a psychological burden. People and animals are exposed to a wide range of external influences (such as electrosmog, factory-farmed meat, increasing workloads, etc.) which may supply our bodies‘ cells with false information, thus producing a negative effect on the function of our bodies.

BCI technology can support our natural self-healing powers. Every body reacts differently which is why we are neither able nor permitted to guarantee any effects. But if your natural self-healing powers are activated, you may find that your body can work more efficiently and with fewer issues more frequently. As a result, many people are able to move more freely and with less problems, resulting in a significant improvement in quality of life. The natural self-healing powers can also have a positive effect on sleep. Problems falling and staying asleep as well as lingering fatigue in the morning can be caused by disruptions in cell communication.

Higher endurance for a better performance

The support offered by BCI technology can be tremendously helpful in endurance and extreme sports, especially for those active in sports. When it comes to pushing to the max, the body and mind should be affected by as few sources of interference as possible. Ampli5 energy products can help optimize your performance potential.

Bavarian Association for Deaf Athletes

People with hearing impairments and deaf persons have an invisible „disability“. Nevertheless, this „disability“ affects their motor development which is directly related to the sensory perception and balance.

Especially when doing sports and practicing movement, the acoustic perception provides very clear information about the environment, such as the properties of the floor. That is why the German National Team of Deaf Curlers was quite happy about a successful test phase wearing Ampli5 energy and wellness bracelets.

The bracelet stabilized balancing issues in many test subjects. These energy and wellness bracelets are highly recommended for other deaf athletes seeking to improve their performance to achieve top results.

Höhere Ausdauer für mehr Leistung mit Ampli5 Energieprodukten
Bayerischer Gehörlosen Sportverband e.V.

Personal customer service

Your satisfaction is our goal! Only a satisfied customer is a good customer. We offer complete transparency and provide advice by phone, email or in person at various events throughout Germany and across Europe.

Made in Germany

Robust full cowhide, special safety closure, anti-allergenic, timeless design in many fashionable colors and all sizes exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. All this allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee for the bracelets!

High customer satisfaction

Our customer reviews speak a clear language. Lots of positive feedback and the high number of repeat orders tell us that we’re doing something right in our work. On Facebook, you will find a variety of reports detailing the experiences of our customers.

What our clients say

Erste Info zu dem Armband: gestern gekauft auf dem Maimarkt in Mannheim, sofort besseres Gleichgewicht und meine durch Entzündung und Arthrosebedingte Blockade in der Schulter ist weg. Ich merke zwar natürlich immer noch das die Schulter kaputt ist, aber sie ist definitiv schmerzfreier und besser in der Bewegung.
Genauso verspürte ich an der Hand, wo ichs trage ein gribbeln in dem Fingerspitzen.
Also ich kann nicht sagen was genau es tut, wie das gehn kann und bin immer noch erstaunt über das neue Ding an meinem Handgelenk, aber es funktioniert. Und bin gespannt was es langfristig noch bewirken kann.

Andrea R.

Ich habe meins auf der Villa Cotta gekauft und bekomme meine Wasserflaschen wieder allein auf. Die Hüfte tut kaum noch weh und ich schlafe viel besser und vor allem schlafe ich durch blank was mir als erstes auffiel,morgens nach dem Aufstehen bräuchte ich mich nicht überall festhalten um stöhnend zur Toilette zu humpeln. Ich bin fast wie ein ganz normaler gesunder Mensch gelaufen,aufrecht und ohne festhalten oder stocken oder so. Was für ein tolles Gefühl.

Rebecca T. S.

Ich habe das Armband auf der Consumenta in Nürnberg gekauft, die Neugierde hat mich an den Stand getrieben, da ich Athrose in den Daumgelenken habe. Schon beim anlegen merkte ich eine angenehme Wärme. Diese Schmerzen sind allerdings nicht weg, aber einen viel besseren Nebeneffekt hat das Band, ich habe seit dem keine Hitzewallungen mehr. Diese hatte ich bis zu 25x am Tag und jetzt keine einzige mehr.

Heike L.

Top wir sind sehr zufrieden! Hatte Einschlafprobleme und meine Freundin Migräne. Dieses Band hilft uns sehr gut!

Markus S.

Mein Freund und ich haben direkt eine positive Veränderung gespürt. Ich hatte sonst Einschlafprobleme, kann aber seitdem ich das Armband trage super ein- und durchschlafen. Wir sind außerdem viel besser gelaunt, kommen morgens besser aus dem Bett und können den Alltag somit besser bewältigen. Top Qualität! Danke dafür!

Natassja G.

Take a look at all the reviews on Facebook and see for yourself! Our customers describe their experiences with our products, ranging from energy bracelets to pendants.

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