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Learn all about BCI technology and how it impacts your well-being. Take your time and inform yourself – after all, this is about your well-being. If you have any questions, we from Ampli5 are here to help, whether in person at an event, by phone, or by email.


Every object on earth, whether alive or not, has an electrical frequency that can be precisely measured. The resulting unit of measurement is called hertz (Hz), also sometimes referred to as multiples, such as KHz, MHz, GHz and THz. The electrical frequency of living organisms is measured in megahertz (MHz). One MHz equals 10 (to the 6th power) Hertz.

The general healthy human vibration frequency generally ranges from 62 to 72 MHz. However, at lower values, the immune system might be weakened, increasing the probability of a variety of conditions. Scientists then began exploring other elements besides pure frequency, namely measuring the Hz. Pathogens have a very low frequency. Pollutants, in the form of particles and irradiation (EMF), reduce the healthy frequency. Food processed and preserved in cans often has a frequency of zero and may greatly reduce the healthy frequency of a person.


All the electrical appliances in your home, such as lights, radio, television, telephone and microwave, emit electromagnetic vibration frequencies. However, these devices use alternating current frequencies that are disjointed and chaotic. These alternating current frequencies can disturb the human electric field. A human body within its normal frequency range is in a good state of health, but energy disruptions in the body can understandably interfere with its natural self-healing powers!

The normally harmonious and coherent vibrations of the body quickly decline when people are exposed to physical or emotional pressure (stress). A blockage of the energy flow is quickly noticeable. If the vibration frequency falls below the norm in people, abnormal processes may begin to develop.

When suffering and diseases occur, they are often messengers of an imbalance in the body. This electromagnetic imbalance is due to the fact that the specific vibrational frequencies of the molecules, cells, tissues, or organs within the body have been altered. Bringing the body back to its proper vibration frequency will restore the harmonious balance.

From the perspective of Dr. Richard Gerber, MD; author of Vibrational Medicine, the best way to change dysfunctional patterns in our body is by therapeutically administering „specific subtle vibration frequencies.“ The goal of this healing process is to give the body the correct vibrational frequency so that it returns to a state of balance.

BCI Technology

Bio Cell Information (BCI) is the language of our cells!

Findings in the field of biophysics (Professors Fritz Albert Popp and Alexander Gurwitsch) have made clear that exactly this process is caused by light (biophotons). Biophotons enable the bio cell mass to exchange vital information throughout the organism.

Thanks to the photons, information can be transmitted without disruption at almost the speed of light. Even modern light-carrying wires, such as fiber optic cables, make use of this type of information transmission. Biophotons may lose their radiance due to various negative factors, such as a unhealthy diet, electrosmog or genetically engineered foods. Vital information can no longer be optimally exchanged, which may then lead to an incorrect control of body processes.

Various external influences

Human and animal organisms naturally strive to achieve a physical ideal state. Due to external influences beyond our control, our cells can be supplied with false information.

Electrosmog   (for example mobile phone radiation, WiFi, Internet, microwave, etc.)

Turbo meat  (for example industrial stock breeding with factory farming, growth accelerators, etc.)

Altered foods  (for example through artificial flavors and additives, genetically modified foods, etc.)

Increasing workload   (for example several jobs at the same time, higher demands, competitive pressure, etc.)

At this point, we would like to inform you about the possible effects of Ampli5 products, but have been banned by government authorities, competitors, and a wide range of other organizations to do so as its mode of action has not yet been scientifically recognized and our products are not covered by the Medical Product Law.


Pilot studies have been performed with an informed fluid at the Institute of Sport Science and Interdisciplinary Sleep Research in Münster, but Ampli5 products have not yet been tested in a pilot study. You can read the results of the studies yourself. With one click, the respective PDF will open in a new window and you can then read the document directly in your browser or download it as needed.

We have come to our convictions through the results of many different studies. The processes and results of the performed pilot studies are repeatable and impressive but do not always meet the criteria for „scientific“ studies as defined by legislature. However, these studies were carried out according to international guidelines and evaluated with spiroergometry, the customary method used in sports medicine.

The products we offer are not medical products under Medical Product Laws. Ampli5 products are not suitable for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing diseases.

But check them out for yourself and be amazed!

Important notice:

If you remove the Ampli5 product and perform the tests again without our product, first touch an electronic or battery-powered device for a few seconds to restore the body to its original state.

Agility test

The agility test is performed by the test subject placing both feet side by side on the floor and then stretching knees and legs. The subject then leans forward and tries to touch the ground with their fingertips or palms, without relinquishing the maximum extension of their legs. This tests the flexibility of the subject and measures how far s/he can extend with their fingers or palms to the ground.

Without Ampli5

To be fair, this test should be performed twice without Ampli5 since the subject tends to be able to descend a little further the second time. The observer should note how far the subject’s hands reach to the ground!

With Ampli5

The test subject should assume the same position as during the first test without Ampli5. With Ampli5, test subjects tend to get up to 4 inches closer to the ground than without the energy bracelet. When reaching the point where any further extension is impossible, the subject will feel less of a pull on the backs of the legs.

Power/Strength Test 2

To carry out the Power/Strength Test 2, the test person places their feet together on the floor, keeping their legs straight and allowing the arms to hang down next to their body. The test person opens a hand so that the supervisor can press their fist into the open hand. The supervisor then tries to push the test person down by applying pressure with their fist in the open hand. This determines how long the test person has the strength not to buckle sideways!

Without Ampli5
The test person should stand straight, not shift their balance to the other side and tense both arms! If the supervisor now presses down into the test person’s open hand with their fist, the test person will buckle sideways after a few seconds.

With Ampli5
The test person should adopt the same posture as in the test without Ampli5. If the supervisor now presses down into the test person’s open hand with their fist, as in the first test, then the test person will have the strength for much longer, or in the long run, not to buckle sideways.

Results may vary from person to person!
This test should not be performed on people with damaged discs!

Standard balance test

The standard balance test is performed by having the subject extend their arms horizontally while standing sideways, placing both feet closed side by side on the ground and then angling one leg at a right angle backwards in the air. The hand edge then vertically exerts pressure on the subject’s upper arm from top to bottom, using the arm of the side where the leg is bent. This is an attempt to bring the subject out of balance.

Without Ampli5

The subject should stand straight, not shift the weight to the other side and tighten the arms! If pressure is applied to the subject as described above, s/he will lose her/his balance after just a few seconds without Ampli5.

With Ampli5The subject should assume the same position as in the test without Ampli5. If pressure is exerted as in the first attempt, subjects are able to keep their balance much longer.

Results may vary!

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst!

Kinesiological tests with water

Tap water or mineral water has the same properties as our bracelet!

Just try the following:

Drink a glass of water (about 4-8 oz) and then perform the kinesiological tests. You will find that your body reacts the same way as if you were wearing an Ampli5 product. Now touch an electronic or battery-powered device, such as a mobile phone, computer or TV, and press any button. Then repeat the test. You will notice that the frequencies of the devices immediately return the body to its previous state.  However, if you repeat this procedure and continuously wear an Ampli5 product, you will find that the body remains in a balanced state despite the electrical equipment to which you are exposed daily.